About us 
Exchanging some of the world’s most valued
commodities requires a dependable network of
expertise and resources.
ANBACK it is international company has so many business activities and it work with refineries and suppliers to export all kind of petroleum and petrochemical products and other Oil ,Gas products world wide.
At ANBACK Pte. Ltd.our Quality Control team is working hard to ensure the quality of all the products and services we are selling. We only sell new and original products so you have nothing to worry about. We have access to 500+ REFINARIES and SUPPLIERS so that we could offer a much better price with the quality you can trust.
Dr. Waleed Shera 
General Manager , Partner
Dr. Sofian Ghaben
CEO , Founder , Partner
Mr. Wahib Mitar
COO , Partner

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Our Branches: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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