Finance & Investment

  Simply put, we help obtain funding for your project. In other words, we connect business with the required funds.

We understand that you have already invested heavily in your new business venture. When you become our client we invest in you and your business. We only benefit when you succeed. We have a vested interest in your success.

The 'post Global Financial Crisis' era presents great challenges to securing the confidence of Investors. They have been wounded by the ANBACK, and are very wary. So ANBACK's relationship with them is critical to your success. We are confident that you have a great business to launch. However, this is a tough, competitive environment where applicants must impress Investors in order to succeed. You're going to need experienced guidance to locate and secure the vital capital your business needs.

ANBACK is committed to your success. We would hate to see your talent and hopes dashed by inadequate support. We do not want you to suffer the crushing disappointment of having your family’s security threatened by failure. ANBACK shall continue to look for new resources to benefit our clients. 

The ways in which we help our clients:

We facilitate and structure finance and capital facilities for all types of applications, including:

- Large Government Projects
- Large Industrial projects
- Commercial Buildings,
- Shopping Centers - Shopping Malls Development
- Loans to Banks & Financial Institutions,
- Ship and Aircraft Financing
- International Ports
- Bridges
- Education – Universities, Hostels
- Agricultural Projects
- Hospitals, Medical Science,
- Alternative Energy Projects
- Technological Advancement
- Tourist Resorts projects
- Government infrastructure

We would normally request from you:

- A fully developed Business Plan
- 3 Year Cash Flow Forecast (A Pro Forma listing every possible expense and Income stream for the project)
- Detailed Use of Fund (Drawdown Schedule)
- Copies of Approvals from the relevant Authorities

Your Business Plan is reviewed by our Funding Sources. Once we receive feedback of preliminary interest, we then proceed with you to execute our:

- Non Circumvention - Non Disclosure (NCND)
- Loan Placement (Success Fee) Agreement

Polarization for Companies

provide the business opportunities and open the biggest market in the middle east (Saudi Arabia nad all Gulf Countries) to foreign companies to let all foreign companies work in this region freely without
any restrictions ,and sell his products and services by their team in one of the biggest market in the world. (No taxes , No customs) base on partnership contract.
we will support you officially under our Saudi Prince Umbrella for all logistic and official, legal issues based on official and legal partnership contract.

Our Branches: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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